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"Tito Mouraz‘s photographs from ‘House of The Seven Women’ sounds like the beginning of a fairy tale….’once upon a time…’ and perhaps that’s what it is. A commingling of the magical and the prosaic, a reality that is being slowly subsumed into myth, a past that cannot be reclaimed, a present that is fading into history.

Thee pictures are a lament to time passing, are a record of the way things were in this region of Portugal before the industrialisation of agriculture, mass emigration and the young leaving to the cities. For a better life. Like his Iberian cousins, the Spanish photographers Salvi Danes and Dario Boso, Mouraz is recording a way of life that is rooted in the land, its story a whisper unheard in the scream of manic globalisation and the rush for material success. His retort is to insist on remembering the mythology that is passed down, generation after generation, a narrative that is woven into the fabric of a people and their particular culture, stories that cannot be made but rather evolve over time and space; around the harvest, the dinner table, work and play.​"



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