Bio / CV

Tito Mouraz, 1977, Portugal.

He finished the Visual Arts and Photography course in the Superior Art School of Oporto (Escola Superior Artística do Porto) in 2010, being this the city where he lives and works currently. Exhibits regularly since 2009 in Portugal and abroad. Some of the most significant exhibitions have taken place at Módulo Gallery (Lisbon); The Finnish Museum of Photography (Helsinki); Format International Photography Festival (UK); Arquipélago -  Contemporary Arts Center, (Azores, Portugal); Blanca Berlin Gallery (Spain); Tampere Art Museum (Finland); Museu da Imagem (Portugal); Fotofestiwal Lodz (Poland); Festival Circulation(s), Paris (France); Carpe Diem Arte e Pesquisa (Lisbon) Encontros da Imagem, Braga (Portugal); Voies Off Gallery, Arles (France) etc.

Winner in 2013 of The Emergentes DST International Photography Award and the Portfolio Review Award, Carpe Diem Arte e Pesquisa.

In Portugal he is represented by Módulo - Centro Difusor de Arte, Lisbon.
His work is represented in multiple public and private collections.


  • 2010/2011 - Artist residency in the area of black and white laboratory and photography printing in Superior Art School of Oporto.
  • 2010 - Graduate in Visual Arts and Photography in Superior Art School of Oporto (Escola Superior Artistica do Porto)
  • 2009 - Curricular internship for 6 months in laboratory of photography in the Fine Arts Faculty of Porto’s University (Faculdade de Belas Artes do Porto).
  • 2003 - Photography course (theory and black and white laboratory) by the Photography Expression Movement

Selected prizes and awards

2017 - The Kraszna-Krausz Foundation Book Award longlist.
2017 - Selected for the Backlight Photo Festival, Tampere, Finland.

2016 - Selected by Sean O'Hagan in The Guardian 'Best Photobooks of 2016’ 
2016 - Selected by Tim Clark on 1000 Words 'Best ten Photobooks of the year’ 
2016 - Selected by Josef Chladek 'Best Photobooks of 2016’ 
2016 - Selected by Colin Pantall 'Best Photobooks of 2016’ 
2016 - Selected by Rodrigo Orrantia on Photobookstore 'Best Photobooks of 2016’ 
2016 - Selected for the Organ Vida Festival screenings, Zagreb, Croatia.

2015 - Jurors Picks, Daylight Photo Award.
2015 - Selected for the Night Screenings, 20th Voies Off Festival, Arles, France.
2015 - Finalist of JUSTMAG6, Young Artist Award, Madrid, Spain.
2015 - Nominated for the Prix Pictet.
2015 - Finalist of NexoFoto Photography Award.
2015 - Finalist of Grand Prix Fotofestiwal, Lodz, Poland.

2014 - Selected for the Format International Photography Festival, Derby, UK.
2014 - Selected for the Festival Circulation(s) 2015, Paris.
2014 - Finalist of the Portfolio Review 2014, Duesseldorf Photo Weekend, Germany.

2013 - Winner of Emergentes DST Photography Award, Encontros da Imagem, Portugal.
2013 - Winner of Portfolio Review Award, Carpe Diem Arte e Pesquisa, Portugal.

2012 - Finalist of the Emergentes DST Photography Award, Encontros da Imagem, Portugal.
2012 - Selected for Kolga Tbilisi Photo, Georgia.

2011 - Selected for the Fotonoviembre, Tenerife.

2010 - Honorable mention of Young creative of Aveiro (Photography), Portugal.

2009 - Winner of Maio Claro Award, Portugal.


Banco Espírito Santo, Lisbon
Módulo - Centro Difusor de Arte, Lisbon
Figueiredo Ribeiro collection, Lisbon, PT
EDP Foundation Art Collection / MAAT, Lisbon, PT
PLMJ Foundation, Lisbon, PT​
Marin Gaspar collection, Alvito
Lapa do Lobo Foundation
Pico do Refúgio
Private collections



  • "Fluvial" Camões - Portuguese Cultural Centre, Luxemburg (upcoming)
  • "Mergulho" Salut au Monde!, Porto, Portugal 


  • "Epicentro: Milagre" Arquipélago - Contemporary Arts Center, São Miguel, Azores
  • "The House of the Seven Women" Visage(s) d'Europe, Paris, France
  • "É pelo olhar que muda o homem e o mundo” Group exhibition, Módulo Gallery, Lisbon


  • "Fluvial" Finnish Museum of Photography, Helsinki, Finland
  • "Speculum cum macula" Group exhibition, Módulo Gallery, Lisbon
  • "The Divergent Gaze" Group exhibition, Arquipélago - Contemporary Arts Center, São Miguel, Azores
  • "The House of the Seven Women" Budapest Photo Festival, Hungary 
  • "Fluvial" Photography Biennial, Municipal Museum of Vila Franca de Xira, Portugal


  • "Estampa" Internacional Contemporary Art Fair, Madrid
  • “Arte é uma coisa mental” Group exhibition, Módulo Gallery, Lisbon
  • "Fluvial" Módulo Gallery, Lisbon 
  • "In Black & White" PLMJ Collection,  National Society of Fine Arts, Lisbon 
  • "Imaginatio" Group Exhibition, Módulo Gallery, Lisbon


  • "The House of the Seven Women" Tampere Art Museum, Finland
  • THEM OR US! Galeria Municipal do Porto, Portugal
  • "Arco-Lisboa" International Contemporary Art Fair (Módulo), Lisbon


  • "Casa das Sete Senhoras" Organ Vida Festival, Zagreb, Croatia (projection)
  • "Casa das Sete Senhoras" Voies Off Gallery, Arles, France
  • "Ponto de Partida - Figueiredo Ribeiro collection" QUARTEL, Abrantes, Portugal
  • "Olhares Cruzados / Identidades Diversas" Group exhibition, Módulo Gallery, Lisbon


  • "Casa das Sete Senhoras" Mt.Rokko International Photo Festival, Japan (projection)
  • "Casa das Sete Senhoras" Voies Off Festival, Arles, France
  • "Casa das Sete Senhoras" Fotofestiwal, Lodz, Poland 
  • "El paisaje revisitado", Blanca Berlin Gallery, Madrid, Spain
  • "Casa das Sete Senhoras" FORMAT Photography Festival, Derby, UK 
  • "Just Mad"(Módulo), Madrid 
  • "Casa das Sete Senhoras" Festival Circulation(s), Paris
  • "Casa das Sete Senhoras, London Art Fair, (Voies Off Gallery), London
  • "Casa das Sete Senhoras" Módulo Gallery, Lisbon


  • "Casa das Sete Senhoras" Ourense Museum
  • "Rua da Cabine" Places of Note: personal landscapes, Gallery FAB, St. Louis, US
  • "Casa das Sete Senhoras" Encontros da Imagem 2014, Braga 
  • "Casa das Sete Senhoras" Carpe Diem Arte e Pesquisa, Lisbon
  • "Est Art Fair" International Contemporary Art Fair (Módulo), Lisbon
  • Summa Contemporary, Matadero, Madrid
  • "Fotógrafos Contemporâneos | O Espírito e o Lugar" Group exhibition, Módulo Gallery, Lisbon
  • "Open Space Office" Espaço Mira, Oporto
  • "Rua da Cabine" Fundação Lapa do Lobo 


  • "Rua da Cabine" Show Me Art Gallery, Encontros da Imagem 2013, Braga
  • "Open Space Office" Museu da Imagem, Braga
  • "Casa//Arte" Palacio de Cibeles (Módulo), Madrid
  • "Rua da Cabine" Encontros de Agosto, Fortaleza, Brazil
  • "Rua da Cabine" Plataforma Revólver, Lisbon
  • "Open Space Office" Módulo Gallery, Lisbon
  • "Territoires de la Photographie Portugaise" Les Photaumnales, Beauvais, France
  • "Portuguese Photography Night" Fotofestiwal, Lodz, Poland (projection)
  • "Dear Stories" Museu da Imagem, Braga
  • "Just Mad"(Módulo), Madrid


  • "Open Stock" Group exhibition, Módulo Gallery, Lisbon
  • "Laissez Faire" Independent Art Show, Porto
  • "Portugaalia" Latvian Museam of Photography, Riga
  • "Kolga Tbilisi Photo" Georgia
  • "Fotografia Europea" Reggio Emilia, Italy (projection)


  • "Leitura(s)" Módulo Gallery, Lisbon
  • "Arte Lisboa" (Módulo), Lisbon
  • "Atlántica Colectivas" Fotonoviembre, Tenerife
  • "Portugaalia" Noorus Gallery, Tartu, Estonia


  • "Leitura(s)" Encontros da Imagem 2010, Braga
  • "Arte Lisboa" (Módulo), Lisbon
  • "City Museum" Aveiro