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Visage(s) d'Europe

Bringing together 13 artists of different nationalities, “Face (s) of Europe” presents a multiple Europe, marked at the same time by personal histories, the carefree youth and cultural rites: a common heritage transcended by the dreamlike power of photography.

An exhibition organized by : EUNIC Paris

Curator : FETART

Ünal Cam
 (Turkey) Chiara Cordeschi (Italy) Lara Gasparotto (Belgium) Anna Krieps (Luxembourg) Magda Kuca (Poland) Ruben Martin De Lucas (Spain) Visvaldas Morkevičius (Lithuania) Tito Mouraz (Portugal) Erik Östensson (Sweden) Klaus Pichler (Austria) Birgit Püve (Estonia) Felicia Simion (Romania) Vladimir Vasilev (Bulgaria)

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