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Casa das Sete Senhoras

Around here, it is still said that the house is haunted.
In the house there lived seven women, all maiden sisters. One of them was a witch. On full moon nights, the women would fly in their white garments from the balcony to the leafy branches of the chestnut tree across the street. From there they would seduce men who passed-by.

For TheHouse of the Seven Women, chatting with people, getting to know what it was once like, listening and imagining, were as important as the act of photographing.

I started by taking some portraits of people. They interested me because they had always lived here and were attached to land just like trees. They speak about time, about their memories; their losses ... many of them already dress in black.

This series gives an account of a persistent return to the same place – to scrutinise its differences (the slow disappearance of agricultural practices, the gradual transformation of the area, ageing...), in spite of listening to the same owl, to the same fox, to the same stories.

As with the legend, it was perhaps the magic and its appalling elements, this cyclical experience, which marked me most: night, fumes, corpses, moon, ruin, sounds.

Yet it was a place of affection, after all I was also born here.

Tito Mouraz, Beira-Alta, Portugal [2010-2015]

Tito Mouraz